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Last updated: 04.10.2011

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FOR - because of the time it was established (1993) - belongs to a small group of precursors of PR in Poland. The experience, contacts and variety of situations we have been through is our capital we can offer to our clients.

We specialise in:

Finance & Capital Markets
Hi-Technologies (Internet & Telecoms)
Energy Sector (distribution & generation)

We direct our offer especially to:

Financial companies and institutions. Especially those which are active on capital market and firms that want to gain funds for investments on this market.

Firms that offer sophisticated technologies or high-tech products. We assure you we are able to reach a large part of the society with information about them. It always increases the number of clients and the revenues.

Firms from energetics sector. Energetics is a difficult and hermetic sector but FOR has many contacts which it can use for the good of its clients.

Leasing. A dynamicly developing in Poland sector of financial services, unfortunately underestimating public relations. FOR - with its activity - can contribute to an earlier recognition of the position of leasing in Polish economy by the authorities.

Except the above FOR would like to offer its services to every company and every institution which needs the support of media and public opinion to achieve its goals.
The money is not important.
The most important for us is to proof that we can do better than the competition.
Forms of cooperation: any of the client's choice. From individual consultations through part-time activities to a permanent contract and full disposal.
Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail .

Author: J. Szcześniak